Our professional expertise, has developed over the years closing deals with legal transactions.

During each transaction process, we give customer support until the transaction has been successful.

Commercial real estate negotiations can certainly become overwhelming. Fortunately, we have all the tools and information necessary to stay with you during a more bearable process.

Generally, there are certain primordial guidelines to close a commercial real estate agreement, some of them in progress and others that overlap that process. Each transaction is carried out through security deposit, verification of the signing authority, due diligence and, finally, signature and processing of the title and closing documents.

The cases of commercial closure usually have diverse characteristics that make them unique and at the same time more complex. That is why it is so important for us to guide you during this complicated process, exposing the main points to consider in order to close a successful transaction.

To effect a commercial closing we must:

● Prepare commercial closing documents.
● Provide commercial custody settlement services.
● Coordinate all orders for commercial titles.
● Examining title for sale, loan, short sale or foreclosure.
● Coordinate settlements for all transfers of real estate and/or commercial entities.
● Offer custody services for documents, deposits, post-closing issues or other business transactions.
● Title search for property records.
● Disburse agreements for construction loans related to the sale or loan proceeds (if applicable).
● Prepare and complete the closing of the commercial closing itself.

We have the ability to adapt to any situation and successfully close any type of transaction such as sale by owner, purchases or investments of commercial real estate, the closing of a hotel or shopping center, double closing of commercial properties, refinancing of commercial properties, first time closures of commercial real estate buyers, short commercial sales and much more.

Surely all people have ever had that millionaire idea that was never executed due to lack of resources to project it or maybe an attempt could be made to carry it out, but without having the experience or market knowledge necessary to prosper, I end up perishing. Today our great advantage is that to obtain the information we need, it is enough to request it. Our financial advisors have the main objective to help you solve any doubt or business problem, connect it to financing and grow your industry networks.

We have business advisory experts who will work with you on investment planning, which includes information on available funds, market research, competition and the challenges of starting or growing your business. With the help of all our services and tools, they will help you achieve the growth you want, greater capacity and optimal performance.

Our collaborators will discover your legal obligations as a trader and will provide you with some simple but practical steps to follow for contracts, documents and cancellation rights. We can provide you with up-to-date information on the local market and useful tips on where to look for tender notices and opportunities for your company, as well as offer tips and suggestions on how you can prepare your company for the tender.

According to recent market studies, we can conclude that the main reason for business failure is due to the mismanagement of resources. The poor management of cash is probably the most frequent problem for investors and entrepreneurs. Analyzing and understanding the basic concepts of cash flow will help you to satisfactorily solve the unforeseen eventualities that most companies face.

Increasing a company's profits does not necessarily mean that it is generating more cash. Profit is the amount of money you expect to earn during a certain period of time, while cash is what you must have on hand to keep your business running. Over time, the profits of a company have little value if they are not accompanied by positive net cash flow. You can not spend profits; You can only spend in cash.

Cash flow refers to the movement of cash in and out of a business. Seeing cash inflows and outflows is one of the most urgent management tasks for any company. The cash outflow includes those checks you write each month to pay wages, suppliers and creditors. The entry includes the cash you receive from clients, lenders and investors.

To better understand what a "Cash Flow State" is, we will analyze the information about the sources and uses of the cash it shows, generally composed of three primordial elements:

● Operating cash flow, or working capital, is the cash flow produced by internal operations. It is obtained directly from the sales of the product or service of your company.
● The investment cash flow is generated internally from non-operating activities. This includes investments in plant and equipment or other fixed assets, non-recurring gains or losses or other sources and uses of cash outside of normal operations.
● The cash flow of financing is the cash coming from external sources, such as lenders, investors and shareholders. The repayment of a loan, a new loan, the issuance of shares and the payment of dividends are just some of the activities that can be included in this concept of the statement of cash flows.

Managing cash flow in the right way can be simpler than it seems, it all lies in our planning capacity and in identifying when, where and how cash needs will be developed as well as investigating and learning to recognize better sources to meet additional cash needs; and be prepared to meet these needs when they arise, trying to maintain a good relationship with bankers and other creditors.


These types of transactions are carried out when the ownership of companies, commercial organizations or their operating units are transferred or consolidated with other entities. The mergers and acquisitions management strategy allows companies to grow or reduce their size, and modify the nature of their business or competitive position.

Throughout life we must constantly make decisions about how we handle our finances, from the moment we start higher education to retirement and even after, and as investors we know that there are investments in short and long terms, from sustaining or reinvesting options to purchase actions , the acquisition of a house or even the financing of a wedding, investments of any magnitude require adequate financial planning plus a firm strategy that allows us to reach our objective satisfactorily. Investors should have full confidence in their understanding of the market, so it is important to have professional advice in the investigation of it.

Our clients can be sure to know that they have taken control of their financial future after having been instructed with the corresponding information about their current financial situation and how it is evaluated, having learned to identify and quantify financial goals, to develop a plan to achieve to achieve those goals and implement the plan always monitoring their progress supported by our team of experts who continually increase their professional knowledge and refine the procedures to promote efficiency.

This allows us to provide our clients with advice on the best asset allocation strategy to increase their investments. Nonetheless, it has been possible to demonstrate that the first decision, the allocation of assets through the appropriate combination of stocks, bonds and cash, is by far the most considerable fact to determine the variation of their return on investment. The allocation of investment dollars far outweighs the potential effects of stock selection and market timing.

Tax planning is a concept that refers to the calculated application of tax laws, with the objective of effectively managing a person's taxes. It is a strategy made to reduce taxes by making the maximum use of all deductions, assignments, exclusions, etc. available that are possible according to the law and functions as an analysis of a financial situation from the fiscal point of view that allows all elements of the financial plan to work in harmony to offer maximum fiscal efficiency. This assures us tax savings along with compliance, and legal requirements. Therefore, it is allowed by law.

One of the main objectives of tax planning is the channeling of taxable income to different investment plans. This is called productive investment and services to execute the optimal use of resources for productive causes and free the assessor of the tax obligation. When the profits of a company increase they also increase the tax. In this situation, what we must do is devote time and a lot of attention to tax planning that reduces liabilities. With tax planning, both the direct tax and the indirect tax can be reduced at the time of inflation.

In order to develop a suitable fiscal planning, items that include expenses, capital budget, cost of sales and marketing must be analyzed in addition to being fully informed of the laws applicable prosecutors and court decisions on them, must be done completely under the scope of the law and take into account commercial objectives and flexibility for the incorporation of future changes. When the profits of a company increase they also increase the tax obligations. In this situation, what we must do is to devote time and a lot of attention to tax planning that reduces liabilities. With tax planning, both the direct tax and the indirect tax can be reduced at the time of inflation.

The reason for having a service such as the transaction coordinators is to provide the property owner, the landlord, the tenant and the agents with competent management of their real estate documents for timely and successful closing of transactions, in accordance with the contract and several regulations of government agencies.

In some cases, the processes can be as simple as collecting only signatures in documents, at the hands of file management. A more specialized service includes administration of the timeline to ensure that all deadlines for eventualities are met, the progress of the loan is tracked and the establishment of inspection appointments.

Our coordinators will help you manage the amount of documents and the necessary deadlines to track the progress of the sale of your home or the documentation of the rental agreement. We have all the availability to adapt our services to the level of need that you require. You will be guided so that you have a clear idea of what the "next step" entails for all involved and you will be kept informed during each stage of the process.

Among the main functions that we develop as transaction coordinators, we highlight the presentation of our role to the parties involved,review each document to verify initials, dates, agent information and correct signatures, provide a purchase agreement executed to each party, open the escrow, obtain a file number, request preliminaries and instructions, send copies of all reports to agent of the buyer and the custody company, send all the necessary documentation of escrow, monitor the custody terms for the reception, delivery and return of all documents and deposits, maintain a constant communication with all parties to Get status updates or to notify you of any featured event or that requires our attention.

It is well known that the properties of marketing, negotiation of offers and preparation of contracts for your clients absorb a lot of time and we want you to make the most of it. An average coordinator dedicates more than 18 hours to each transaction only to review documents, collect signatures and send pertinent information to all parties. We lighten your workload so that our customers enjoy seeing their business grow and establish networks without spending their precious time on paperwork.

By virtue of providing greater transparency around how the revenues, profits, and costs of the company are divided into different parts of the business. Our select a relatively small team of 360 employees (approx) are in constant training to provide superior value to our customers through service and innovative processes in addition to paying special attention to the clarity of their operation.

• The records of total sales and diluted earnings per share from continuing operations have been published with these results.
• Production expenses increased by 21%, while production times decreased by 6%.
• A total of $ 67.55 thousand was invested in materials, equipment, general expenses and labor associated with the increase in sales.
• A greater amount of participation in employee benefits was generated.
• Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations increased 16% to $ 1.28, compared to $ 1.08 in 2018.
• Higher warranty costs of $ 25 thousand.
• The organic scope of the site increased by 14% more in 2018, compared to the 2016-2017 period.
• We generated cash for operating activities of $ 435 thousand, compared to $ 374 thousand in 2018.
• We returned $ 98 thousand to the shareholders in the form of the repurchase of shares and $ 57 thousand in the form of dividends.
• Total profits increased by 12% to $ 179.85 thousand, compared to $ 158.35 thousand in the previous report. This increase represents a solid performance in comparison with other companies of this same category, which have not presented great evolution in the services they offer.

Private placement regulations allow an issuer to avoid wasting time and expense of registering in SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The process of the inscription of security is faster, which facilitates the issuer to receive profits from the sale in a shorter period of time. A private placement issuer can sell more complex security to accredited investors who understand the potential risks and benefits, and the company can remain a private company, which avoids the need to file annual returns with the SEC.

Investors that are part of private placements can include large banks, insurance companies, mutual funds and pension funds. A private placement differs from a public issue when securities are available for sale in the open market to any type of investor.

Obviously, there are a large number of sources of financing available for owners of small businesses, each one its restraints and demands. Find out how can we help you.



Strategic Management Services is well positioned in the industry of Resdential Services with more than 15 years in the market.

With a filosofophy of "play-to-win", we offer high quality services and customer support.

REO (Real estate owned), is a term used in the United States that describes particularly a type of property that usually has a bank, lenders, governmental agencies or insurers of government loans, after a failed sale in a foreclosure auction.

Of course, we have a variety of REO services aimed at solving any problem that is needed from the sale of foreclosures to settlement or anywhere in between: we understand that time is money, and we will make the best action strategy in each file individually to achieve the maximum contribution of profits to value for our customers, while decreasing the possibility of extended days in the market.

The REO services include:

->Assignment of properties to the REO Agent
->Property valuation.
->Occupancy Inspections.
->Closing/titling services
->Property recovery including eviction management.
->Property repairs
->Negotiation and sale of real estate.
->Implementation of the marketing strategy.
->Monthly reports.

Achieving a property in optimal marketing conditions requires continuous maintenance. The clear communication with the appraiser, the real estate agents and the agents that are marketing the property to potential buyers are paramount.

Our team works with the key divisions to include our maintenance and repair specialists in the field, and the intermediary communication focuses strictly on the core needs of the brokers and agents. All together prepare the asset for the market as soon as it is possible while guaranteeing quality work to preserve, protect and maintain every property under our care.

Receive all the REO services your properties need, make calculated improvements, maintain sustainable properties, comply with regulations and even manage the tenants, following a transparent process and only with the contract work of the highest standards.

Strategic Management Services has invested time and labor in the development and growth of its mortgage division.

How old are you? let us help you with all the burocratic transactions.

We take pride in our ability to provide a multitude of services that continue to add new features every year.